How much does the Apple AirTag cost and is it worth buying?

Apple’s AirTag uses ultra-broadband technology and a massive Find My network, but is there enough value when certain features have limited compatibility?

Apple made a splash in the location beacon market when it announced AirTag, but some may be wondering if its advanced features come at a steep price? AirTag uses three different communication technologies and Apple’s special Find My network, which sounds very impressive, but a review of its value and compatibility with other trackers will help buyers decide if it’s worth it.

The Bluetooth beacon market has been around for many years, with Tile being one of the more recognizable names involved. There are a large number of competing products, but Apple did not make such a device until it introduced the AirTag in April 2021. Apple participated in the retail market by developing a location tracking protocol in 2013 called iBeacon, which was supposed to work at the reverse of mainstream trackers. IBeacon hardware is intended to be placed in retail stores to identify when an iPhone or Android phone with a compatible app is nearby in order to send notifications to buyers. This may include directions, sales information, and specials. iBeacon is still available and used at some major retailers.

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the AirTag is a consumer-centric device that helps the owner locate lost items. At $ 29 each, the price is on par with most competitors, and when buying four at a time, the price drops to $ 99, reducing the cost of each AirTag to less than $ 25. That’s actually a good deal, considering the cutting edge technology Apple has put into these little bottle-cap-sized trackers. It should be noted that an accessory is required to attach an AirTag to another item, which adds to the cost, but it can be placed in a bag or pocket as is. The AirTag uses fairly common Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies, but also adds ultra-wideband (UWB) capability. This latest technology is one of the most unique features of Apple’s new device, providing directional guidance instead of requiring the user to focus on a sound.

Is AirTag the best buy?

Apple AirTag and Tile Search

Using AirTag’s UWB communication technology with an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, which each contain Apple’s U1 chip, displays an arrow within range. The range varies but is generally a dozen feet or more. It also works through walls and between floors, even alerting the owner when the missing item is on a different level than them. As the user approaches the AirTag, the range and heading are updated in real time on the screen. At any time, there is an option to play a sound on the AirTag to find it even if it is covered. Since the range can be reduced to 1.2 inches, locating lost items is quick and easy. For anyone who owns an iPhone with a U1 chip, the UWB capability makes the AirTag great value for money and a nearly automatic purchase.

Since AirTag pricing is good and its technology is the best in the market, the only other issue is compatibility. While most recent iPhone and iPad models are compatible with Bluetooth functionality, only iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 can take advantage of the precision search feature permitted by UWB. For older devices, iPhone SE, and all iPads, AirTag isn’t working as well as Tile or other trackers, as many offer longer Bluetooth range and louder volume , which is essential when the only way to find the missing item is with these types of trackers. Apple still has the advantage of a much larger network when finding something outside of Bluetooth range. It could help eliminate going back and forth to every location visited in a day, so it’s worth considering an AirTag given its competitive pricing, even when using a less compatible Apple device.

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