Twitter to launch new account verification requests soon

Twitter will soon allow eligible people to resubmit their account verification request, reports suggest.

The company turned off its account verification process over a year ago and said it wanted to reintroduce it in a new format. Most famous accounts were verified for verification, and only specific accounts, such as government officials, could receive a blue badge. However, the new format remained a question, but what Twitter has in mind is now becoming clear.

According to a famous prognosticator Jane manchun wong, Twitter wants to restart the verification of its account a few days in advance. This way, public figures, celebrities and influencers can submit their verification requests.

Manchun Wong believes that the new verification format will be self-service, which means users must provide their information to Twitter.

Of course, not all users can submit requests, and only six types of accounts can. These accounts are activists or influencers, businesses and brands, entertainment activists, government officials or affiliates, journalists or news agencies, and professional sports or esports entities.

Accounts that do not fall into any of these categories will not have much chance of receiving this blue badge. Twitter has a blog post about Verified Accounts which you can read for information on how the company audits accounts.

Twitter account verification will be more difficult with the new format

It’s surprising to know that while your account may fall into one of these categories, you may not be able to be verified. Each category has its qualifications, and those who cannot meet these qualifications will not receive the blue badge. For example, celebrities must provide a link to their IMDB page, and the page must include at least fifty production credits, according to the new Twitter procedure.

Also, for identity verification, you can choose between government issued ID, official email addresses, and official website.

It is clear that Twitter has taken more stringent measures to verify user accounts. Thanks to the new procedure, the number of verified accounts will be limited and only eligible people can be verified. However, this can be bad news for some influencers and public figures.

Twitter’s new account verification request will be launched in a few days. If your account can qualify, you can request it. In addition, it is still unclear whether the verification request will be accessible through the mobile applications.

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