Yoti, the Post Office’s digital ID service certified for the first time by the UK for employee verification

UK-based company Yoti and partner Post Office are the first digital identity service providers (IDSPs) in the UK to be certified by the government to carry out identity checks for employment.

The two partner companies will see their combined biometric identity verification service made available for employment verification via web-based identity verification, reusable app-based digital identity and in-person verification at branches from the post office. These checks are performed by Document Validation Technology (IDVT) provided by an IDSP which verifies the right to work for UK and Irish citizens holding a valid passport.

Both digital ID providers are IDSP-certified to meet the needs of the Right to Work, Right to Rent and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) programs set up by the UK government. The right to work program aims to prevent illegal work by requiring employers to verify that their permanent, full-time or part-time, contract, zero-hours and work experience students and interns have the right to work at the UK. The programs conform to the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s Trust Framework for Digital Identity and Attributes.

Yoti’s digital ID applications secured by biometrics and the post office’s EasyID would also be viable for the right to work by sending a verified image of individuals’ passport to be stored and verified by an employer to meet ministry requirements. of the Interior in matters of “legal excuse”.

“Being one of the first IDSPs to be certified shows our commitment to the market and is a testament to the quality of our digital identity technology,” said John Abbott, Chief Commercial Officer of Yoti. Abbott notes that the maximum fine for hiring illegal workers is £20,000 (about US$25,072) per worker. “Certification under the Digital Identity and Attribute Trust Framework represents the gold standard for delivering digital identity services with security and privacy first, meaning customers have no concerns about GDPR,” he said.

Companies that will use Yoti and Post Office IDVT include HireRight, People Check, and Atlantic Data, among many others. More than three million people are said to have joined the Yoti and Post Office digital ID network.

Elinor Hull, Director of Identity Services at Post Office, said: “At a time when the hospitality and retail sectors in particular are struggling to recruit and bring staff into the shop floor , the ability to digitally verify candidates’ right to work speeds up the hiring process, is more secure, and could allow them to start earlier than if the candidate had to travel and then have their documents photocopied and physically verified.

Yoti also announced a partnership with First Advantage in February for Right to Work and DBS to integrate its selfie biometrics into First Advantage’s platform.

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